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Forgotten your login details?

Forgotten your User Id or Group Id

If you have forgotten one of these, please email our Customer Support team at customerservice.uk@equifax.com providing you name, company name and contact details.

Getting your password reset

You have 2 options to get your password reset.

Option 1: The security officer within your own organisation

If you have a nominated 'security officer', they can reset passwords for your organisation, as well as the following user account administration:

  • Changing the Template Name to any additional templates which are linked under the Group ID
  • Creating new User IDs
  • Changing User IDs
  • Changing Operator Names
  • Changing the status of a user account. For example, if a user account is currently suspended the security officer can change it back to active.

If you do not have a security officer nominated, you can send an email from the account contact named on our database to customerservice.uk@equifax.com to request one is created. Please include your Group ID, Account Number and the Operator Name of the person you wish to be set up as a security officer.

Option 2: Email our Customer Support team

You can also contact our Customer Support team to reset your password. Simply email a request to customerservice.uk@equifax.com , including your Group ID and User ID.

A temporary password will be emailed back to you. The temporary password is only valid on the day it's issued so please ensure you change your password by close of business on the day it is provided.

Note: for security, password resets can only be accepted by email, we can not accept a telephone request. The request must be from either the named user, the authorised security officer or the account contact listed on our database. The request must also be sent from the Company's email domain - requests sent from a public domain, for example aol.com or btinernet.com, will be rejected. The Company email address must also match the details on our database.

Having Problems Logging in?

If you are experiencing problems logging in, please email our Customer Support team.

Simply email a request to customerservice.uk@equifax.com including your group ID and User ID so that we can reset your password.